Our Plan During COVID-19

 Here is our robust plan to meet social distancing requirements:

•  We will recommend social distancing and mask wearing for clients and realtors during the inspection. 

•  We will wear gloves and a mask during the inspection. 

•  As a group, we will try to minimize the amount of people inside the house at the same time. We can summarize the results of the inspection outside of the house and show pictures of the issues found during the inspection.

•  If the home is occupied, we will leave a letter on the kitchen counter to the owner of the house detailing the precautions we have taken inside their home.

 Our reports will have plenty of pictures to show detailed information on recommended repairs. 

 We can take payment from buyers over the phone as well.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us and we can figure out how best to complete inspections while keeping everyone safe.