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Full Home Inspections

We follow the State of Oregon Standards of Practice and Behavior (copy attached) Generally, this is a visual inspection using test equipment such as carbon monoxide, gas and electrical testers. The areas inspected are:

·      Grounds…We inspect and report on condition of the walkways, driveways, porch, patio, steps, decks, deck covers, grading issues, overhanging trees, retaining walls, hose bibs.

·      Exterior…We inspect and report on condition of the chimneys, gutters, siding, trim, soffits, fascias, flashings, caulking, foundation, electrical service entry, wall construction.

·      Roof…We inspect and report on condition of the roofing material, ventilation system, flashings, valleys, plumbing vents, chimneys, skylights.

·      Garage…We inspect and report on condition of the floor, walls, automatic door openers and their safety reverse mechanisms, sill plates, fire separation walls.

·      Electrical…We inspect and report on condition of the main and sub panels, wiring, outlets, switches, fixtures, dangerous wiring, missing cover plates, GFCI and AFCI outlets, home type wiring.

·      Heating / AC system…We inspect and report on condition of the system for brand, size, type, ductwork, temperature rise or fall. We test for carbon monoxide in the airstream on gas and oil systems and inspect the overall condition of the systems. We also check for any recalls of these systems

·      Plumbing system…We inspect and report on condition of the water heater. We check for  leaks throughout the system, type of pipes, insulation and support, traps, flow, drainage and condition of the overall system.

·      Structural…We inspect and report on type of construction, condition of materials, modifications made, attic and crawlspace condition.

·      Kitchen and bathrooms…We inspect and report on condition of the countertops, cabinets, floors, windows, ceilings, fixtures, built in appliances, drainage, flow, leaks, heat / cooling source.

·      Insulation and ventilation… We inspect and report on type, locations and amount of insulation, type and adequacy of ventilation.

·      Interior…We inspect and report on condition of the doors, weather-stripping, windows, stairs, railings, evidence of leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

·      Crawlspace or basement…We inspect and report on condition of the foundation, ventilation, vapor barrier, plumbing leaks, drainage.

·      Wood Destroying Organisms…We inspect and report on conditions which favor wood decay, high moisture conditions, poor ventilation conditions, actual wood decay, insect and pests, vapor barriers.

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WDO Inspections
(Included in Full Home Inspection)

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspections include visually inspecting wood conditions for evidence of pest intrusion and dry rot. Our WDO inspections will also note any conducive conditions for wood decay including poor ventilation, improper flashing, and moisture intrusion. 

Commercial building
Commercial Inspections

Our commercial inspections are similar to home inspections but are focused on items that have the highest replacement costs. To get more information on pricing and to schedule an inspection call us at: 503-463-6750.

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Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that can be harmful with extended exposure in the home. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the US EPA recommends action taken for levels over 4 pCi/L. 


Our radon inspections include leaving a machine at the house which measures a 48-hour time period of radon levels.  This can be coordinated with a full home inspection or performed on its own. The measured radon levels will be reported to the client along with a full hour by hour chart of the radon levels in the home for that time period and advise on next steps to take, if needed.

For more information on radon and its effects visit:

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Apartment Inspections

Apartment inspection reports include the same applicable items as a full home inspection but is customized for the buyer. Apartment inspection reports include separate sections for each apartment unit and areas and gives a good overview of the entire property. To get more information on pricing and to schedule an inspection call us at: 503-463-6750.

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